Resort wear label TESS JEAN is dedicated to relaxed, effortless style. Balancing a minimal, feminine aesthetic, every piece is carefully considered, focusing on timeless wearability.

Think vacation essentials that can be dressed up or down and worn time and time again – forever evoking a cool, free mindset long after the holidays are over.


Born and raised in New Zealand, Tessa Smith currently lives in Vietnam where her namesake label, TESS JEAN is based. Her label is a reflection of past influences and present inspirations.

"After living in Vietnam since 2015, launching a resort wear brand was a natural progression. Life in Vietnam is a bit like the feeling of being on vacation. It’s undeniably hot, all year round, and there’s that sense of escapism and optimistic energy that one gets when on holiday. I wanted to create pieces that embodied that notion of leisure, relaxation, and appreciation for sun-drenched destinations. Thus TESS JEAN was born. Timeless, trans-seasonal styles in natural, breathable fabrics. Designs that can be effortlessly worn whilst on vacation and as everyday wardrobe essentials”.

“Growing up in New Zealand, you live life outdoors and are surrounded by nature. As a result, my design aesthetic reflects that relaxed sensibility and unpretentious attitude. It’s all about easy-to-wear, relaxed silhouettes. With that at my core, my design process for TESS JEAN is always the same. Draping is fundamental as I play with the juxtaposition of soft feminine curves against clean, minimalist lines. My aim is to consider wearability with timeless design using beautiful natural fabrics, sustainably sourced.”


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